Angelite, the gift of the angels!

There is a lovely pale blue gemstone called Angelite,
precisely because it evokes the type of heavenly brightness of

As a matter of fact, it is said to facilitate
communication with angels, aid in telepathic
communication and even out of body travel, for those so inclined.

Angelite or Blue Anhydrite was discovered in 1987 in Peru, and is a fairly new discovery in the gem and mineral world.
Most of this material does come from Peru, and some nodules
also are found in Madagascar.
It is mined in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Libya.

Healers all over the world are still uncovering its numerous and astounding energetic properties.

The colors can vary between white, gray or colorless, to light blue and even lilac and violet.

There are many very beneficial properties of this gemstone.

It can help one to be more compassionate and accepting, especially of things that cannot be changed.
It can encourage one to speak the truth and it encourages
feelings of peace and tranquillity.

It is believed to vibrationally resonate with the throat,
reducing inflammation and balancing the thyroid and the parathyroid. Angelite is also believed to help reduce pain.

It is utilized in healing and repair of tissue and blood vessels, to balance the bodies’ fluids, and as an aid to weight
It has helped recover from back injuries, broken bones and generally pain of any kind.

Hold a Angelite stone when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the soft vibration will allow you to immediately relax.

It is one of the most lovely of the many blue gemstones, and its
color blue is the color of the 5th chakra (of the bodie’s 7 energy centers called chakras), which is the throat center.
Light blue is color of creative expression and communication. Symbolically this color stands for freedom and intelligence linked with feeling.

Mentally, this color is associated with the ability to trust your intuition and to make changes with greater ease.

Those who are attracted to light blue may have a
necessity for peace, calmness and the courage of self expression.

The energies of light blue can encourage you on your journey of personal growth.

Angelite is connected with the astrological sign of Aquarius. And in
Numerology, it vibrates to the number one. The number one is about leadership and following your ideal path in this lifetime.

It can be kept on the bedside table or worn as jewelry.
Carrying Angelite around yourself enhances your ability to connect
with your spirit guides, angels, archangels and other spirit forms.

It is said that Angelite assists with communication with those beings, and with loved ones.

I have created several necklaces with this beautiful gemstone, because I love its color and also the properties that I learned that it holds.
They are truly angelic in nature and well, I guess we can all use some angelic help, even if it comes from simply enjoying the beauty of a gemstone!

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