Christmas Cheer with Kooiii !

Hey folks! I do not normally discuss those sites and promotions that I’m involved with , however this is a fantastic idea for a Christmas gift for all the folks you may know that market his or her service or product on the web, like I’ve been doing this past year with my own jewelry and artwork!

Simply send them this clickable hyperlink

It is not your internet guru type of site which you will find 1000’s all over the place! Kooiii is a place to hang your hat, as they say, and call home! I wanted to tell you about it and also spread the word, since they’re offering an excellent Christmas promotion!

From now until Jan 1st Kooiii Membership will be just $20 per month ! What makes this deal so good is that you receive all the tools as well as all the other Kooiii features that is packed into the $97 membership for just $20 !

Place free business pages and ads for your products and services, and meet professionals in many different fields and be part of the interactive membership network, or even become an affiliate !

You will find a whole range of interesting groups to be part of, like Fishy Tales or even Arty Crafty People, or Historical Times , and plenty more that aren’t your regular internet marketing groups!

Horses Scrapbook is a spot for people that wish to share pictures and also stories about their horses, as an example, and there are many many more! There is lots happening every single day, to “like”and to comment on.

So please do take a look and pass the idea onto anybody who might be interested! The folks at Kooiii have become my friendsduring this past year and I believe its an outstanding site!

Here’s the link again! Thanks for reading this!


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I have been surrounded with art and creativity all my life - both my parents were professional artists in New York City. I pursued a career in fashion design while living in New York and continued my involvement after moving to Italy. I became increasingly more interested in art while taking painting and sculpture classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and began painting seriously about 10 years ago. The jewelry design is a natural continuation of this creativity. Jewelry design is an art, and I approach each piece as if it were a painting using color as my primary inspiration. Color also reflects emotions, and I believe that it can actually effect emotions. I have created a unique collection of jewelry in semi-precious stones and silver utilizing gems and crystals. The colors and beauty that the stones themselves possess reflect specific energy and healing properties. Gems and minerals have long been known for their healing and beneficial effects and I like to create with those specific aims in mind. Gemstones and crystals emit specific vibrations, according to the mineral content, and also according to their color. We see color because of its vibration. All is matter of vibration, and scientists have long known this to be true. I love to explore the many possibilities that these energies and colors can offer combining the elements of design with the esoteric and energetic properties of the stones themselves. My collection sold for ten years in our jewelery store in the suburbs of Rome. It is currently sold online through my website and my Etsy Shop. I am continually creating new additions to my jewelery collection. Gemma's Gems, can be seen at this page of my website: Newest additions:
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