Crystal and gemstone aids to meditation

Crystals can be a powerful boost in meditation practices, and simply holding one can help quiet the mind by focusing on the feeling and weight of it. This can set up an interaction by allowing the energies inherent in the crystalline structure to merge the electromagnetic field of your physical body. Actually, Quartz is particularly useful for meditation because it emanates a vibration that calms the body and energizes the mind at the same time.

As crystals and human energy fields interact, a deep relaxation is felt in the body and the mind experiences what is called an inner focus. It is removed from but aware of the surroundings, and thoughts can begin to flow in and out of conscious awareness.

When you have a particular problem take a few minutes to think about and define the problem first. The relax and hold the crystal, feeling it or gazing into its facets and slowly as your mind stills you may find a solution. If your solution is not clear after your meditation just let the problem go and very often within a short time, a solution will come to mind.

It has been suggested that by holding a smoky quartz crystal in your left hand and a clear quartz crystal in your right hand, it creates a balanced dynamic energetic polarity that relaxes your body’s energy levels and enhances sensory awareness.

Use the stones that are large enough to hold and feel in your hand. Choosing the ones that you like best are an important factor, they can be tumbled and smooth if you prefer or natural crystal shapes.

Sit with or hold your crystal that can be specifically chosen to help you to harmonize with certain energies. For instance, rose quartz or kunzite can be used for love and compassion meditations.

Citrine can be held for bringing your personal will into harmony with your soul purpose and help you to recognize that purpose.

Green stones and /or amber or shells and fossils are used for meditations on nature and bring about a relaxation into that natural vibration. There are many lists and websites that will offer suggestions as to appropriate gemstones and crystals for specifically directed meditations.

One of the first things to keep in mind for beginners is that one should simply enjoy the feeling of the stone and not have any particular objective, logic or judgment about the whole idea, just “be”, in serenity and stillness, and let thoughts flow in and out.

You have to remember to stop yourself from being absorbed by any one thought or outside stimulation, and to return to your relaxation allowing sensations to come and go. It’s not important to blank your mind, which is extremely hard to do and discourages many from pursuing a meditation practice.

Another idea is to move the crystal to where your awareness of stiffness or discomfort in your body is perceived.

And if a noise or sound of traffic, footsteps, dripping water etc. is calling your attention, just go and focus on it, and then go back to your crystal and your relaxation.

Simon and Sue Lilly, in their book Crystal Healing, suggest starting with what they call Crystal Gazing.

You can have a sphere or a large crystal to “gaze” into to keep your attention. You simply stare into it and let it relax you, the idea is that the crystal makes it less likely to wander away in thought-trains, and if you do wander, it’s easy to go back and reconnect with the crystal again, floating away from the thoughts and back into the crystal itself. Even 5 or 10 minutes can be beneficial and can be repeated as often as you like.




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