Feeding the spirit and unblocking energies with crystals

Crystals have acted as magical things throughout history, always playing an important and formidable role in eliciting help and gathering energy from a world beyond our normal senses.

They are a perfect non-denominational tool for broadening our worlds and our perceptions. They create a clarity and peacefulness within us, when we allow them to enter into our day to day existence and lend a helping hand.

I have been touching upon various subjects that crystals have been noted to assist one to take the step in self help area where it is most needed.

I have discussed how they can help to eliminate nightmares, remember dreams and assist in getting rid of bad habits. I would like to continue with some other ideas in areas where crystals and gems can add to one’s repertoire of essential tools that can help to create a peaceful and happy existence.

Moving forward in life requires a harmonious co-existence between what has gone before and what we expect to accomplish in the future. This means learning to let go of the old and embrace the new and improved patterns that knowledge of life has given us the possibility to utilize.

This means keeping an open mind, and releasing some of the baggage that is totally useless in making full use of the new things we want to welcome into our lives.

Human beings seem to be hot wired to accept and appreciate certainty and constancy, and to naturally reject upheaval and insecurity. Moving forward often requires us to change and eliminate some old habits of thought and action . It also requires a change in our self image and a release of our self created boundaries and limitations.

We need help in breaking down those stubborn walls and limitations, and often, we need to redefine our existance in a more complete and whole-istic way.

Crystal and gemstone therapists tend to set out many techniques that help to address the characteristics that we cling to, both the positive and the negative, that could well be preventing us from breaking behavioral patterns that we have built over a life time of experiences.

For instance, many problems arise because we don’t have the experience and appropriate skills to deal with new situations or to block the old and unhelpful behavior patterns. Crystal healing can help shift such obstacles by re balancing the energy centers of the body, called chakras.

The more direct and specific the goals are , the easier it is to locate the block in the appropriate chakra that is obstructing the desired outcome.

Here is an example from a kinesiology technique, which is derived from the Tibetan sources that identify specific energy loops in the body.

In this example, to remove negative energy, a figure eight is used. This is because it creates a sweep of energy through and around the body.Doing so, it can dislodge inappropriate energy blocks and activate natural healing.

It can reconnect the torn energies caused by illness or trauma, and can be used against sluggishness and lethargy in both mind and body.

Select eleven crystals, either all smoky quartz or all black tourmaline. Arrange 10 stones all around yourself, so that when you lie down, be sure one is below your feet, 2 on each side of the torso, 2 on each side of the legs and one above the head. Place them all asymmetrically so the flow is more dynamic.

Lie down and place the last stone on your abdomen, and lie there relaxing for 10 minutes, remove the stones, repeat for daily during stressful times.

This exercise is from the book Crystal Healing by Simon and Sue Lilly, which is a most informative and practical guide.

My  jewelry collections that I have created utilizing healing gems and crystals can be seen and ordered here for specific needs.

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