Gemstones and Crystals to Help Heal and Break Bad Habits


I would like to discuss the dynamics of habitual behavior and the possible part that gems and crystals can have in maintaining a balance and making positive changes in our lives.

Habits can very quickly become inevitable behaviors when we keep repeating patterns in our lives. A habit is quite simply a choice that has been anchored into place by repetitive action.

Once this happens it changes from being a choice into becoming something considered to be fundamental for us to cope or to feel better.

There is a real neurological reason for repetitive and habitual action. It is a biological way that our bodies establish pathways for nerve impulses to follow. Every action sets up a pathway, and once established these impulses will prefer and follow the same route rather than creating a new one. Biologically it is an efficient way to establish a successful and economical path of action.

So a habit could begin to actually feel right, regardless of whether it is the most positive action for us to take or not.  This can be a real problem if the habit is damaging, like overeating, or drinking, or some other destructive,negative impulse.

Crystals and gemstones can come into play once the person begins to pay attention to the point where the behavior can be changed. That is, before the action to the impulse has taken place.

Over a period of time consistant use of beneficial gemstones and crystals are believed to help to transform negative behavior patterns, break bad habits, and help remove destructive relationship dynamics. Gemstones can also help to reverse negative patterns from our past that could perpetuate harmful physical or mental conditions.

The basis of healing with gemstones and crystals is that each gem and crystal emanates a colour and property that heals the aura or energy field that radiates and encircles every one of us.

There are intrinsic healing rays that emanate from each different gem, and these rays can magnify the positive effects of meditations and add comfort and serenity to our lives as they create harmony both in the body and in our aura. They can help bring us into the conducive atmosphere necessary for achieving positive results in all parts of our lives.

One of the gems that may be helpful in making positive choices is Green Tourmaline, also referred to as Verdelite. It is believed to balance the heart chakra and reduce vulnerability.

Another is a Herkimer Diamond, which is a brilliant double terminated quartz crystal. It is the very best stone for purification and detoxification, and can promote spiritual awareness if it is light reflective enough, or less opaque.

They both influence the heart center, one of seven main energy centers in the body, which is found at the center of the chest, level with the heart.

This energy center is where you can clarify your feelings and encourage decisions that strengthen rather than diminish your personal energy, which is reflected in the aura or energy field that surrounds us.

So by simply holding or placing a gemstone on or near your body, you may have an extra boost in fighting the impulses we all have and wish to change. Besides being beautiful, it can be an additional tangible reminder of the commitments we make for improving our lives.

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