The relationship of color to gemstones, personality and energetic properties

I would like to take three very basic colors, red, blue, and green, and discuss the various aspects of each. I think it is very interesting and do hope you will find it so too.

The color Red
One perfect example of this color ray is the gemstone Garnet.
It is said to be the stone of devotion, to others, to self, and to one’s aim in life. It can awaken the “inner fire” of creativity and provide regeneration and balance.

Garnet can inspire love and passion, and can attract good luck. It offers protection from toxins, depression, anemia and disorder in one’s life.

The Garnet is the gemstone for the zodiac sign of Capricorn .
As for the color red itself, it represents many things and all are very powerful: passion, enthusiasm, strength, energy, fire, love, sex, excitement, speed, heat, leadership, masculinity, power, danger, fire, blood, war, anger, revolution, radicalism, aggression, and stop.
In esoteric and metaphysical studies, red is the color of the Root Chakra which is associated with adrenals, kidneys, muscles and arterial blood.
It is the first chakra of seven main chakras which are energy centers in the body, and is located at the base of the spine and groin area.
It governs instinct and survival.

When this chakra is blocked we experience: low vitality, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, lethargy, caution, low self -confidence, unloved, ungrounded, suicidal, weak-willed, sexually inadequate, frustrated, alienated, separate, possessive, needing approval, craving excitement.
More examples of these red gemstones are: ruby, red jasper, bloodstone, rose quartz, coral .

If red is your favorite Color:

“Meaning of Red:
If you wear red, you are energetic and impulsive. You are competitive, ambitious and like to be the center of attention. Red is symbolic of leadership qualities and courage. You are focused on results and success. Take time to also learn to be a good listener and to be sensitive to the feelings of others.”

The color blue:
One fabulous example of this color gemstone is Sapphire.
The color Indigo is representative of this gemstone, and the color itself  is said to offer intuition, deep contemplation, meditation, wisdom, dignity, self-mastery, spiritual realization, insight, inspiration,  solitude, inner communication.

Sapphire can focus healing, loving energy on anyone needing it, without the user’s participation, in this way it seems to possess an innate higher intelligence of its own.
It is said to be the stone of “holy blessings” , and draws protection, and prophetic wisdom to the user. It can Attract and oversee one’s divine destiny or “mission” in life, helping to instill hope, faith and joy during the journey.
Sapphire is the gemstone of the zodiac signs of Virgo, Aquarius, and Libra.

Esoterically speaking, Indigo blue is the color of the Third Eye Chakra, which is the the sixth chakra of the bodies’ energy centers.
It is located on the forehead, between the eyes, and is associated with the pituitary gland, eyes, nose, ears and skeletal system.
It governs intelligence and psychic power.
When this chakra is blocked we experience many difficulties: figurative inner or actual physical blindness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, blurred vision, over-sensitivity, fear, withdrawal, becoming undisciplined and easily taken into fantasies or wishful thinking.
Some of the indigo color related gemstones are:  sapphire, azurite and lapis lazuli. There are many gemstones in the blue color ray.
If Blue is your favorite Color:

“Meaning of Dark Blue:
If you wear dark blue, you have deep feelings. You are intelligent and self-reliant. You are willing to take responsibility and make decisions. You may need to surround yourself with peace and affection to avoid depression. You need to play! Dark blue is a serious color often chosen for the military and corporate business.”

The color Green
My favorite gemstone in this color ray is the Emerald.
The pure green of this gemstone can bring security in love. It allows access to the mystery we hold deepest in our hearts, thereby healing and activating our hearts’ desire.
Emerald is the stone of psychic insight, prophecy, and abundance. It assists in the healing of eyesight and speech impediments. Emeralds have a tranquilizing affect on the heart and mind, inspiring calm, clear assurance.

It is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Gemini.
The green color itself is representative of many wonderful things like nature, spring, fertility, youth, environment, wealth, good luck, generosity, go, inexperience, envy, jealousy, illness, greed.
Green is the color of the fourth chakra in the body, called the Heart Chakra which is associated with the heart, thymus gland, lower lung and circulatory system. It governs higher consciousness and love.

When this chakra is blocked we experience: emotional instability, relationship problems, sorrow, loss, apathetic, fearing rejection, placid, lethargic, lazy, slow, taken advantage of, moody, depressed.
There are many gemstones in the green color such as  green tourmaline, malachite, jade, chrysoprase,  peridot, aventurine, moss agate, and green jasper to name just a few.

If green is your favorite color:

“Meaning of Green
If you wear green, you are benevolent and service-oriented. You observe life and prefer to stay on the sidelines. Green symbolizes the desire for peace and harmony. You are sensitive and artistic. You may need to add other colors to your wardrobe to become more involved in life with others.”

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