Are Crystals living organisims?

There is much written about the healing properties of crystals and gemstones. Some go so far as to say that since crystals grow, they are alive. I feel that whether they are alive in the biological sense or alive in an energy sense, it matters very little. What matters is the scientific fact that crystals emit energy that can be utilized in many beneficial ways.

The name quartz came from the ancient Greeks , krysallos, meaning ice. They thought of crystal as a hardened form of ice.
Quartz is used as a component for most clocks and watches. Quartz vibrates at a specific rate, never faster or slower, thus can be exact for timing your watch or clock . Clear crystals , or rock crystals, are free of color vibrations so it is said that they are open to your programming suggestions. Shelly Kaehr Ph.D says that you can program a quartz to perform any activity that you wish with your concious intent. She says that she keeps some in specific rooms to keep the energetic space clear.

Crystals emit specific vibrations, according to the mineral content, and thus also according to their color. Crystals can be found in a variety of colors. We see color because of its vibration. All is vibration, and scientists have long known this to be true.
Some more popular forms of quartz are the gems we know in these various colors:  pink quartz, amethyst (transparent purple), citrine ( yellow green), jasper (brownish red), prasiolite (mint green) carnelian (translucent reddish orange)

There are many sites that feature crystals and their properties, and I would like to provide a sort of synthesis here. For example Holistic Health Enterprises  puts it this way:
Crystals are part of the earth itself and of nature. They are comprised of quartz and silica, which are also a major component of the human body. Like colour, crystals also emit a vibrational frequency, which matches the electromagnetic field of both the earth and its human occupants.

Sue Wildred of says this about crystals :
“Can they communicate with us?” “Do they have a personality?” “Can they move location?” The answers to these questions will largely have to remain a matter of speculation, however if the question is “are they alive?” or “do they emanate energies?”, then from my point of view I will have to answer in the affirmative.”

She adds that “My view was further supported the other day as I was listening to the radio and tuned into a most fascinating conversation with The Rock Doctor, Dr John Jackson. As he is a geologist of some repute, I was most fascinated with what he had to say.Here was a recognized scientist saying that rocks are living entities, that they have a life force. That this could be supported because “at the molecular level their atoms have a nucleus and an electron, and therefore energy and where there is energy there is life.
With the use of today’s aura cameras it is possible  to photograph this  life-force, so it is becoming more and more difficult for people to disbelieve this sort of information. It must be becoming harder for people to say that rocks are just rock. ”

The crystal prism refracts the sunlight into the seven colours of the rainbow which also correlates to the seven traditional colours of the chakras, which are the main energy vortexes in the body. Rainbows symbolize an arc of energy with the divine.

A perfect illustration of this is a tuning fork that is tuned to a specific note. It will vibrate at that note when struck. A piano string that is tuned to that same note will begin to vibrate along with it, even if in another room, while the other strings will not .
Crystals are like a tuning fork, and when placed in certain energy fields within the body, those fields begin a vibrational response.
In Eastern philosophy and medicine, our bodies have not only a circulatory system, but also a vibrational system. Eastern sciences such as Yoga  and  acupuncture have documented this.
Crystals vibrate at different rates, thus having the ability to effect our entire bodies systems.

Many practitioners that use crystals and gemstones for healing work would agree that the quartz crystal is truly one of the most versatile and useful crystals the earth has to offer.

Lynn Claridge SNHS (Crystal Healing says:

Our feelings go out from us in electromagnetic waves. Whatever frequency goes out will automatically attract its identical frequency, thus causing things to happen — good or bad — by finding their matching vibrations.
“All you need to do is tap into the healing power of crystals and your mind will become brighter, your body will become healthier and you will create a happy and rewarding life for you and others around you”

Many attempts have been made to prove that thoughts are real things, and that different kinds of thoughts create different kinds of vibrations. I think that many people are actually opening up to the idea and considering it seriously, and there are so many aspects of this that effect us all in our daily lives.

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