Jewelry design with energetic properties

Gemstones can do many beneficial things other than just being beautiful to wear…they can connect one to many different spiritual aspects . The color and the materials used, as well as symbols called totems or fetishes, can connect you to various energies inherent in these objects.

The American Indians use many animal totems in their jewelry design, such as the roadrunner (mental speed and agility), owl ( magic, prophesy, wisdom), and turtle (longevity, awakening to opportunities), just to mention a few. They are made of minerals and semi precious stones such as turquoise, obsidian, jade and lapis.
Gemstones come in many diverse forms and colours. Their different colours resonate with the body’s energy system and they are extremely useful for harmonizing an environment or wearing on your person as jewelry.
The various healing and energetic properties of the gemstones and crystals used can be utilized for a specific need, a birthstone, or can simply be enjoyed for its beauty and color properties which can greatly effect moods.

A birthstone generally is believed to connect you to the planetary influences of the month of your birth, and early civilizations have attributed gemstones with magical properties. Over time, astrologers assigned gems of certain colors to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Aquamarine is the stone for March, Pisces. A gift of Aquamarine symbolizes both safety and security, especially within long standing relationships.

I have used the various gemstones in my Harmony Series
Each piece is made of a unique combination of colors and materials that represent specific energies for healing and well-being.
Several of these items also represent symbolic totems as well, like for example, the Fluorite Feather Pendant:

Fluorite stones in pale purple shades, crystals  with a stainless steel feather symbol pendant with an 18 kt gold accent.

A feather is synonymous with the soul, metaphorically speaking. They are light in weight and are the only means by which a bird is able to fly.
Feathers reflect the fact that no matter what physical obstacles are put in our way during our life’s journey, we all have the capability to rise above our fears and limitations and, in so doing, we will be able to rise to new levels of understanding.

The metaphysical properties of fluorite make this crystal a wonderful tool for psychic healing and spiritual development. It acts to protect from outside influences, manipulation, and mental influence. It also has a purifying effect on the aura and chakras, removing negative energy.
Fluorite is capable of speeding spiritual awakening.

Gemstones, like color and crystals, provide an energetic connection to nature, and are also connected to the angelic realm. Doreen Virtue, PhD has written much about the archangel energy, which includes their particular colors and influences. says this about the angels:
“These heavenly messengers, in particular the Archangels, have the powerful ability to help each of us simultaneously while offering their protection and guidance to bring about peace on earth.
Each of the 15 Archangels resonates with a special gemstone. Working with a particular Archangel’s gemstone can help you strengthen your divine connection and relationship with that Archangel.”
Doreen Virtue describes Archangel Michael with a royal blue and royal purple aura. The gemstones that connect  to him energetically are sugilite and amethyst.

One source on sugilite,, says:
“Bright purple stones with little matrixing or blotches are the most valued. Gem grade sugilite is beautifully translucent and because it is quite rare it brings a high price.
It is said that sugilite strengthens the heart, aids physical healing and reduces stress. It is a balancer of mind, body and spirit and encourages peace of mind, a general feeling of well being and spiritual love.”
Shelly Kaehr, PhD has called sugilite a new age gemstone, because it contains lithium quartz, and Lepidolite, and is violet in color.
One source ,, says:
“It is ..suggested that sugilite seems to protect against and dissipate anger and other negative energies.”
A “stone of change, protection & enlightenment”. Enhances spiritual awareness, meditation, visualization, serenity & composure. Attracts good luck & love, calms & transforms. Shifts energies to the higher frequencies of both the spiritual & ethereal levels.

His energy “escorts away lower energies in your space. Works with us while we sleep and enters our dreams to clear away fears. Helps with the qualities of love, power, strength & unwavering faith.”

I will be talking about the different kinds of jewelry available and various items that can be custom ordered for very specific purposes such as to help with depression, loss of a loved one, health issues, angelic connections, meditation , etc.

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I have been surrounded with art and creativity all my life - both my parents were professional artists in New York City. I pursued a career in fashion design while living in New York and continued my involvement after moving to Italy. I became increasingly more interested in art while taking painting and sculpture classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and began painting seriously about 10 years ago. The jewelry design is a natural continuation of this creativity. Jewelry design is an art, and I approach each piece as if it were a painting using color as my primary inspiration. Color also reflects emotions, and I believe that it can actually effect emotions. I have created a unique collection of jewelry in semi-precious stones and silver utilizing gems and crystals. The colors and beauty that the stones themselves possess reflect specific energy and healing properties. Gems and minerals have long been known for their healing and beneficial effects and I like to create with those specific aims in mind. Gemstones and crystals emit specific vibrations, according to the mineral content, and also according to their color. We see color because of its vibration. All is matter of vibration, and scientists have long known this to be true. I love to explore the many possibilities that these energies and colors can offer combining the elements of design with the esoteric and energetic properties of the stones themselves. My collection sold for ten years in our jewelery store in the suburbs of Rome. It is currently sold online through my website and my Etsy Shop. I am continually creating new additions to my jewelery collection. Gemma's Gems, can be seen at this page of my website: Newest additions:
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